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Quality of Care Comes with Experience

Fidos & Felines Pet Services has been providing superior pet care in the San Antonio area since 2007. In the industry of pet sitting, dog walking and pet taxi services, we strive to bring the highest quality of care along with a very gentle, personal and professional touch.

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New Pets are Waiting

Thinking about adding a new fur-baby to your family? Please take the time to look through the hundreds of wonderful and beautiful homeless pets waiting for a loving forever home.

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Pet Trusts

Most people are not aware of Pet Trusts and how they can help secure your pet companions in life. Fidos & Felines can help answer your questions and provide this very specialized service.

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Medical Questions?

As a pet parent, I have had moments where I needed to find an answer to a general problem with one of my fur babies. Finding the resources that are reliable and honest is important. 

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Why Fidos & Felines Pet Services for Assisted Living?

Not all in-home pet care providers are equal.

Specialized Pet Care

When moving your loved one into an Assisted Living Facility, let us help you with the responsibility of caring for the daily needs of their pet. The services offered are completely customizable to each individual pets need. Whether you have a cat that just needs one visit each day for fresh food, water and litter box cleaning or an elderly dog that requires multiple visits a day for walks, feedings, medications and cleaning... We can help!

Daily Observation

When we work with pet companions that live in Assisted Living Facilities, we are able to interact with the pet parent at each visit. This allows us to be passive observers in how they are doing and what needs they might have day by day. Fidos & Felines will stay in close contact with family members through text as to ensure quality of care for the pet and any needs of the pet parent.

Timely Visits

Every client is important and the care given for their pet companion is personalized to their needs. The time in which we spend with each individual pet and pet parent is dedicated specifically for them. The only way we can accomplish this is by keeping our calendar structured and rigid. However, we are also known to spend extra time visiting with the pet parent when time allows.  

Covid Vaccinated

In order to stay as respectful to our clients as possible, we keep current on all Covid related vaccinations. We also wear masks and gloves when working to help safeguard our clients as well as ourselves. We properly disinfect and sanitize as we work throughout the day. We discontinue working in residences where a positive Covid case is likely and only return once there has been a negative Covid test result. 

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