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My Human by Sarah Nikkii  White

"You have waited

countless summers

watching as

lovely creatures and their shadows

pass through without a thought.

I watch as

silver kisses your hair

and wonderful wrinkles and moles

become your skin's constellations.

You are

My Human

and beautifully so    ~ and I will wait for you"

Meet Stacey White, Owner

My name is Stacey White, proud owner of Fidos & Felines Pet Services.

I moved to San Antonio in 1991 and have lived in Shavano Park since 2003. Since 2007 I have worked with some amazing pets and have met many wonderful pet parents. The experience I have gained in handling pets at every stage of their life, behavioral spectrum and health situation has been invaluable to the success of my business. The years I have spent caring for pets and supporting pet parents has been a true blessing in my life. 

Walking in Your Footsteps...

Fidos & Felines Pet Services is a family business. The foundation of this business was built on the values passed down from generation to generation. As a woman that was raised by a long line of strong, hard headed and loving women, I can't help but to give thanks. Thanks to my mother for showing me what hard work looks like. How to see the artistry in everything natural and that making mistakes is human. Most importantly that we are not defined by those mistakes in life. And I am so very thankful to my grandmother. She taught me love - love of others and of self. She also gave me the gift of acceptance and patience. Both of these women were beautifully complex with tremendous depth of spirit and love. I am proud to be a part of them and to continue their stories within my daughter.

Meet the Family

It would be remiss of me not to take some time in introducing all of my fur-children. I share my home with Jester (Cavalier/Maltese), Elf (Maltipoo), Penny (Toy Poodle/Bichon/Yorkie), Puck (Chinese Imperial), Wendell (Chihuahua), Indiana (Marbled Bengal), Max (Rosetted Bengal) and Axle Rose (Rose Breasted Cockatoo). 

My menagerie of furry and feathered friends are the heart beat of our home. They bring laughter with their seemingly unending shenanigans, joy when they greet me with squeals of excitement and warmth when they know I have had a long day and decide to just sit with me. When I say that I understand how crucial the relationship is for a person with their pet, I truly mean it. 

The deep bonds we share with our pets can carry us through some of life's heartache and ease the pain we feel. The complete love and loyalty our pets hold for us can not be overlooked.  

Baby​ Pictures

All Grown Up

The Whole Gang

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