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Stacey with her Clients

As the owner of Fidos & Felines Pet Services, I work very hard at providing the highest level of care and quality of service. From my rigid calendaring to continual client contact, the work goes beyond pet care. However, the pet care is the most important aspect of my business. I am the guardian of the most precious part of a client's life and I take this responsibility seriously. I strive to spend my time with the pet companions with kind soft words, gentle touch and a respectful approach. This is the foundation for which Fidos & Felines Pet Services was built.

See What Our Clients have to Say

"Stacey, thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our fur babies while we are out of town. You give us great peace of mind. You are always so kind to our animals and treat them as if they were your own. I love that Ryder will sing to you. Can't say thank you enough! I'm so glad we found you three years ago"

~ Kasey

"Stacey came into our lives in 2019 and has been a blessing to my "children" and I. I travel frequently and was always stressed, worrying about 4 dogs, 2 cats and wildlife. With Stacey, I have no worries! I can do my job knowing she is there feeding, spoiling, playing ball and loving on them. Stacey is the best and there is no one I trust more with my kids! They love her!"

                                                                                                                                                                           ~ Rikki

"We have been using Fidos & Felines Pet Services since 2013 and we have been beyond satisfied with the services the owner provides. She is super reliable, easy to work with, flexible and does an excellent job. We have a few special needs pets and she takes wonderful care of them. I never have to stress or worry when I'm away because I know the owner is taking really good care of my fur babies. I highly recommend her pet sitting services."

~ Jason

"Fidos & Felines Pet Services will provide you with the peace of mind that your furry babies are well taken care of whether you are gone for days or weeks so you can enjoy your time away. Stacey checks in on a regular basis providing updates on how your furry babies are doing and treats them as if they were her own with lots of compassion and love! She works on the agreed upon schedule and there are no surprises about cost as it is provided up front. I highly recommend Fidos & Felines Pet Services as it is exceptional!"

~ Nadine

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about Stacey and Fidos & Felines Pet Services! Stacey is not only exceptionally trustworthy and professional but she treats our dogs and cats as if they were her own. Stacey often shares photos and videos of her visits with our pets and they are obviously having fun and are being well taken care of. Stacey always gives our pets little gifts on their birthdays and holidays. She also helps us out by bringing in packages left​ on our porch. Stacey and Fidos & Felines gives us peace of mind when it comes to our pets while we are at work. She has been very understanding and flexible during our on again / off again teleworking schedules during the Covid-19 craziness. Stacey has impressed us so much that we consider her family!"

~ Terry & Chrissy

"My husband and I would highly recommend Stacey for all your pet sitting needs. We have been lucky to work with her since 2017. She has provided conscientious care for our large group of cats. She also managed the care of one of our cats who requires daily medicating. Stacey is kind, professional and detail oriented. She makes it possible to take worry free vacations."

~ Joy

"When I returned from my two week vacation, Max was healthy and happy and my home was clean and spotless. Max (and I) felt very well cared for. Thank you! I would definitely use your services again and will recommend you to all my friends."

~ Ashley

"Thanks for all the TLC you gave Beatrix and Gus. It has helped him work through some of his separation issues tremendously. I had no idea how easily traumatized he becomes during our absences."

~ Virginia

"Very professional service! Everything was detail oriented and carries out as agreed. You are obviously concerned first and foremost with the animals well-being. I will call you again when we travel. Thanks so much Stacey!"

~ Trina

"Fidos & Felines is a dependable, professional service. I am very pleased with the care given to my two rat terriers while I was away on vacation for nearly two weeks. The dogs were healthy, content and well adjusted upon my return. I am one satisfied customer!"

~ Antonio

"Thank you so much Stacey! It was very reassuring to know my dogs would be well taken care of while we were gone. It was nice coming home to a cleaned up house, treats and toys for the dogs and them being so happy as when we left! GREAT service! Thanks again!"

~ Abbie

"Meili has NEVER readjusted to my return from a trip as quickly as when I used Fidos & Felines Pet Services. Thanks!"

~ Marco

"Stacey is exceptionally professional and caring. I highly recommend her as a pet sitter! She went above and beyond my expectations and they were high to begin with! My rabbits also root for Stacey!"

~ Elizabeth

"I have never used a pet sitting service in the past. I was nervous about the idea of letting a stranger into my home while I was gone. After my first meeting with Stacey, I felt comfortable. She was very professional and seemed to have thought out all the details of my pets needs. I was very happy with the services and will absolutely use her services again."

~ Sunny

"You're the BEST! We appreciate your professionalism and your obvious care for our guys. Thank you so much Stacey!"

~ Tim

"You were amazing! Going way above the call of duty and our expectations! The kids already miss you. Thanks!"

~ Kate

"We have used many other local pet sitters and Stacey is by far the best! Aside from her professionalism and just all around good nature. She truly cares for our pets and understands each of their individual needs. We have been using Fidos & Felines since 2010 and Stacey is just as attentive now as the first service. We travel several times a year and are out of town for weeks on end. We never worry about the care of our pets or home. Stacey's business is the real deal!"

~ David

"What can I say? Stacey rocks! I have 3 dogs and one of them has serious "issues". To say that I have had problems keeping a pet sitter is an understatement. Stacey came into my home for the consultation and spent enough time with Rosie to understand what she was all about. My dogs love her and now I never worry about leaving town. Stacey is a gem!"

~ Michelle

"I have a large dog with diabetes which requires daily insulin shots and I also have a disabled cat that must be hand fed twice daily. Stacey is knowledgeable, kind and patient. I know that my pets and home are safe when I must travel. I would never use another pet sitting service again. Thank you Stacey for all that you do for my angels."

~ Linda


Meet Some of the Pet Companions

We have the best clients! The best! Many have been with Fidos & Felines Pet Services since 2007. I have had the joy of meeting lots of new fur-babies as they are welcomed into their families. I have also had the privilege of spending years with some pets. Watching them grow up and follow them into their golden years. I have even had the ability to say goodbye when they ultimately leave their families for the rainbow bridge. I am truly blessed to have met such wonderful people and work with the most precious pets. 

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