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Let us help keep your loved one living with their pet companion... 

Fidos & Felines understands that the transition from a family home to a Community Residence or Assisted Living Facility can be difficult. For many, their pets are their constant companions. The fear of loosing this relationship can be overwhelming. The unconditional love given should be met with the best possible care available to ensure that this special relationship stays strong for years to come.

We look forward to helping you, your loved one and their beloved pet companion in this new chapter of life.

Assisted Living Pet Care Specialist

Dog Care

Visits include feedings, providing fresh water, walking and dispensing of medications. We also observe for weight changes, nail care as well as monitoring the general health of the pet companion. Our goal is to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. 

We offer a special reduced rate for our assisted living clientele.

$35. Basic Visit (up to 30 min)

$55. Extended Visit (up to 45 min)

Cat Care

Visits include feedings, providing fresh water, cleaning litter box, offer playtime and/or brushing and monitoring the general health of the pet. Not all cats enjoy or even welcome play or brushing. We do not stress the pets we work with so we let our feline friends dictate how our time is spent. 

We offer a special reduced rate for our assisted living clientele.

$35. Basic Visit (up to 30 min)

$55. Extended Visit (up to 45 min)

Avian & Small Pet Care

Birds and small pets carry just as much love and affection as dogs and cats. We understand that their general care and cleaning can be difficult for our elderly pet parents. Visits include providing fresh food and water as well as cleaning cage bedding (as needed) and switching out toys. This service is for all birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles and fish. 

$25. Short Visit (15 min)

$35. Basic Visit (up to 30 min)


We will take care of cleaning up any accidents left by the pet companion as well as picking up after our dog friends during walks. We use Natures Miracle or other pet safe cleaning products within the residence. We properly dispose of all soiled potty pads, paper towels or litter at every visit. Cleaning at each visit is part of the service and is at no charge.

General Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

Dog walking is offered on a monthly schedule only. The amount of walks per day as well as walks per week are determined by client and subject to availability. 

$40. Basic Walk (up to 30 min)

$60. Extended Walk (up to 45 min)

*Base Rate Covers 2 Pets

**$3. Fee Per Additional Pet

Pet Sitting

We offer and schedule pet sitting clients around my assisted living pets. This service is for all dogs, cats and small pets (birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles and fish). My calendar has very limited availability for this service and it is in high demand.

$40. Basic Visit (up to 30 min)

$60. Extended Visit (up to 45 min)

*Base Rate Covers 2 Pets

**$3. Fee Per Additional Pet

Pet Taxi Service

We offer a pet taxi service to transport your pet to and from veterinarian, grooming and boarding appointments. This service is for drop off and pick up only. Travel fees will accrue when applicable.


Pet Trusts

Did you know that just as you can create a trust for your children, you can establish a trust for your living pets? Well, you can! Texas Property Code § 112.037 authorizes that a trust may be created to provide for the care of an animal alive during the settlor's (the owner’s) lifetime. The trust terminates on the death of the animal or, if the trust is created to provide for the care of more than one animal alive during the settlor's lifetime, on the death of the last surviving animal. The law also provides a distribution schedule for the trust's remaining assets.

A trust is a legal arrangement that provides (1) for the use of your property, (2) for the benefit of a certain beneficiary or beneficiaries, (3) for an intended purpose, (4) for a specific period of time, (5) under terms you choose, and is to be managed by a person or entity you appoint (the trustee). You can set up a pet trust to be effective immediately or upon your death or disability.

Fidos & Felines is proud to be able to offer this very unique and important service for our clients. We work closely with a law firm in order to provide the highest quality work with the best possible results. 

For more information about a pet trust, contact Stacey either from the "Contact Us" Page or 

email at [email protected]

Additional Service Fees

Additional Pet Fees

We strive to offer services to clients who have big hearts and more than the average amount of pets. Base rates above cover up to 2 pets only. Each additional pet will accrue the appropriate fees. 

$3. Per Pet / Per Visit

Holiday Fees

We do offer services during all holidays so that our clients can travel without worry. This fee applies during the following holidays -

Easter Weekend

Saturday - Monday

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday - Monday

4th of July

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday - Monday

Thanksgiving Week

Wednesday - Sunday

Christmas - New Years

December 23rd - January 2nd

Additional $10. Per Visit

Travel Fees

Our service area includes any facility or residence within a 5 mile radius of Shavano Park (DeZavala & NW Military HWY). If you reside outside of this service range, a per mile fee will accrue.

$2. Per Mile / Per Visit

Best Ways in Keeping your Pet Healthy

There are many ways in which we help our pets stay happy throughout their lives. Having them as an active part of the family. Providing lots of toys and puzzle treats to keep their mind busy. Giving them the unconditional love they richly deserve. However, one of the most important things we can do to ensure our pets daily happiness is to keep them as healthy as possible. Here are four ways we can do that.

Bi-Annual Vet Exams

Most people take their pets to the veterinarian once a year for an exam and vaccination update. However, it is a great idea to take your pet in for a follow up exam between the annual visits. This allows your vet to check weight, dental/eye/ear health as well as skin condition.


Dental Care

Periodontal disease in our pets is real. Dental care is such an important topic and dental disease can affect the overall health of your pet. There are many ways you can care for your dog's teeth at home. 1) The most obvious, BRUSH YOUR DOG's TEETH. Use a soft bristle pet tooth brush as well as toothpaste specifically made for dogs. Do not use products made for people as there can be ingredients toxic to our pets. 2) If you are unable to brush your dogs teeth, use dog tooth wipes. This will not get the teeth as clean as the brush but it is better than nothing. 3) Dog Dental Treats or Chews are a great way to keep your dogs teeth clean and breath fresh. However, the absolute best way to keep your pets teeth and gums healthy is with regular dental cleaning from your vet. Sedation is required and the cost is in the hundreds but your vet can do a much more thorough cleaning as well as extracting any decayed teeth as needed. So even though the costs can be high, it is worth it.


Keeping Current on Preventative Care

Keeping up on annual vaccinations is important for the general health of your pet. But, just as important is maintaining the monthly preventative care for heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks. There are many medications which you can use to safeguard your pet against these parasites. Some can treat for everything listed above such as: Simparica Trio and Trifexis. There are topical and oral medications as well. Whatever you find works best for your pet, just as long as your pet is kept current.


Weight Management

Keeping your pet at a good healthy weight is very important. The burden that obesity has on the body and mind of our pets is no different than on people. Their organ function suffers. The excess weight puts stress on their joints, hips and spine. This can cause severe daily pain and discomfort which most pets are good at hiding. Our pets can also suffer depression and overall anxiety. If your pet is overweight, talk to your vet and please change their diet and daily activity right away. With every pound of excess weight you manage to take off, you will add years to their life. 


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